Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it a consultancy?

2. Already trained and certified then why should we take up the training and pay the fees?

3. Can we pay the fees in instalments?

4. Is there any concession/Discount in fee?

5. Without training is it possible to get the job?

6. Is there any difference in training duration in Bangalore and Chennai?

7. what about the interview process if we take up the training in Bangalore? Should we go to Chennai and for how many days?

8. Is it an on roll or payroll job?

9. If we join as payroll are there any chances of getting on roll?

10. We are already working and 3+ experience we want only placement?

11. We are experienced and want higher salary package?

12. What are you training?

13. is the employment contract or permanent?

14. For how long do you provide job guarantee?

15. Will they fire after joining?

16. Are we paid during training period?

17. What about the accommodation during the training process? Does it include with the training fees?

18. We want higher salary package with lesser fees?

19. What are the facilities given from the company?

20. Can you deduct fees from our salary even after submitting original documents?

21. Can we interact with already placed candidates?

22. Why there is difference between CTC and take-home salary?