Improve the Customer experience with digital Analytics

Access6 Technologies offers a complete portfolio of analytics services, to rapidly provide insights and accelerate your digital transformation journey. To help you accelerate change and deliver business outcomes through the power of digital technology.

Run your business better using our analytics : Our team designed winning strategies by harnessing the power of the new digital economy. We deliver value and performance through our mastery of digital advances, information insight and business transformation in the digital revolution.

Integrating analytics into the experience : Traditional customer journey mappings ignore the fundamental truth of digital transformation. Today’s mapping techniques require individualization and data analytics.

• Individualization :  The closer you can come to treating each person positively and uniquely, the closer you are to achieving an optimum customer experience.

• Data analytics :  Measurement must be built deeply into the process. we help you to design your business so that it’s measurable. That’s the secret to delivering truly special experiences.

Application Development

Develop the Next Generation Applications with Access6

Application Management :  Our Applications Services help you design, develop, manage and automate applications to accelerate your digital transformation and your business results. Our Applications Services accelerate your digital transformation with a comprehensive set of services including application strategy, development, transformation, integration and management, from the data center to the cloud to mobile devices.

E-Commerce Applications : Build online shopping or home delivery application for your business, be it apparels, grocery or jewellery's.

Business Process Applications : Make your business efficient. Co-ordinate between your staff, collect field data, or share information/catalog with distributors/vendors.

E-Learning Applications : Distribute educational content in various forms - Videos, PDFs, Images and more. Ideal for online learning solutions as well as training institutes.We have already established our own web application and online LMS (Web Teacher).

Other Applications : We do develop applications according to client requirement and industry specific such as NGOs, Chefs, Recipes, Restaurants, Job listings, Market-Places and more.

Master Data Management

Better data better Business..!

Data Management Solutions : Our Data Management solutions and Services accelerate the use of analytics everywhere to drive your digital transformation. From large, multinational corporations to mid-sized businesses, companies across a variety of industries trust Access6 to improve their data. Leading financial, commercial, retail, and Government organizations choose us for our customer-centered support and services, advanced technology, speed and ease of deployment, successful pilot projects, and proven ability to execute and deliver real business benefits.

Data Integration :  Get a 360 degree view of your business with tools that allow you to access any type of data (structured and unstructured ) virtually from any source, integrate data using flexible approaches through data federation or extraction, transformation and loading.

Data Quality :  Ensure that your data is correct, consistent and complete by monitoring, analyzing and reporting on information across your organization. With powerful data profiling, parsing, cleansing, standardization, and matching capabilities, you can have confidence in your data and the decisions you make based on it.

Data Migration :  When you make an acquisition, consolidate the data in disparate systems, or upgrade to a new ERP or CRM application, you want to reap the advantages of this strategic business decision quickly.

Online Assessment Solutions

Confidence Comes with Assessing Yourself

Online Assessment System (OAS) which is also called as Web Teacher is a Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) based examination system that provides an easy to use environment for both Test Conducters and Students appearing for Examination. The main objective of OAS is to provide all the features that an Examination System must have, with the "interfaces that doesn't Scare it's Users!".

Salient Features of OAS :

Question Bank Management :  Manage your Question Bank with Hierarchy of Subjects, Topics and SubTopics.

Less Paper Work :  Entire Assessment Process can be completed in paperless manner.

Knowledge Management :  Registered users can interchange their Knowledge with other registered users.

Trusted By Many:  Web Teacher is trusted by many Universities, Institutes, Schools and Colleges.

Scalable :  Hosted in Scalable Cloud Environment.

Placement Platform

Nourishing Careers, Enriching Lives

Technology has changed the way job seekers search for jobs and employers find qualified employees. While employers still advertise job openings through traditional advertising mediums, such as local newspapers and magazines, today employers and job seekers turn to online job portals to find employment matches. Job seekers can advertise their skills and search for available positions, and employers can announce employment openings through job portals

Jobz6: Jobz6 is a self-developed web job portal, contains pages for candidates they are looking for job, either fresher or experienced. The recruiter can register their company in Jobz6 web portal and will provide jobs to candidates depending on their education and previous work experience. 

In Jobz6 web portal there are three type of registration forms like fresher, experienced and recruiter profiles. The registration forms will contains individual personal information, educational information and previous work experience details with photo and resume upload features.

Candidates and Recruiter can search their required criteria in Jobz6 web portal to get relevant details for their need.  

Online LMS

Challenge Learning and Lead the Change

Web Teacher :  Web Teacher is a web based educative portal with many interactive features. The basic concept of this portal is to provide a customizable web based solution, where any kind of educational institution can upload their own content related to their syllabus. So this portal provides a facility to convert their textbook content into digital format without much effort. All these contents uploaded by the institutions become a part of online tutorials which can be accessed by the student of that institution once they login. Various features which make this portal more beneficial are listed below:

  • •Online Tutorials
  • •Query Analyzer
  • •Online test
  • •Upload Contents
  • •Evangelist Registration
  • •Themes
  • •Invite Friends
  • •Tutorial Wizard
  • •Data Encryption for Security purpose
  • •Question Uploading
  • •Writing Testimonials